Friday, May 10, 2013

Four of Five Council + Mayor Seat Up For Grabs

During sleepy political times like this, getting Ruston citizens interested enough to run for office is a challenge. It will be interesting to see if that trend holds true next week when election filing opens. We could face another quiet season where the biggest challenge is finding even one candidate to run for each office, much less two candidates so voters have some choice.

Out of the five council seats, four will face election this fall. The position of mayor is also open. Ruston could see a major change in direction or more of the same. We will know more by next Friday. Offices facing election are:
  • Mayor (currently held by Bruce Hopkins)
  • Council Position 1 (currently held by Lyle Hardin)
  • Council Position 2 (currently held by Deb Kristovich)
  • Council Position 4 (currently held by Jane Krock Hunt)
  • Council Position 5 (currently held by Bruce Judd - appointed and must run for election for the remaining unexpired term)
Although no one wishes to return to the cantankerous political fighting we have experienced in the past, it would be wonderful for Ruston voters to have more than one choice on the ballot. Even if you've never considered serving your community in this way before, please think about running for office. We need fresh perspective and new voices. The list of open offices can be found via this link. Details about how to file for election are on the auditor's web page here...

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