Friday, May 17, 2013

Point Ruston Trash

The Nose (columnist at The News Tribune) has a few comments on the trash cans at Point Ruston (link here). I've always been a little miffed there are no cans promoting Ruston out there. Now that the sleuths among us have discovered even the Tacoma cans show the Seattle skyline, maybe I can relax. At least Ruston is spared the controversy.


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Anonymous said...

no cans promoting Ruston????

You must be kidding.
Building is in Tacoma not Ruston. Ruston used every slow down, run up the cost measure they could to stop this development. Just recently they were going to go down and crash the gate when EPA mandated night work was going on in - Tacoma.
If Ruston has no cans go to a council meeting and ask them to change their ways and support Point Ruston.
Maybe you get a can maybe not.