Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mayor Facing Serious Challenge

Ruston mayor Bruce Hopkins is facing serious illness. Out of respect for his privacy, I will only repeat what was mentioned publicly at the council meeting this week. Hopkins has been in the hospital and is now reported home resting. Everyone is grateful he is doing better and that he has agreed to continue to serve another term as mayor (he is running unopposed this fall). Mayor Protem Jim Hedrick said he was went from worried to shocked as the news of Hopkins illness unfolded. He asked everyone to pray for a full and speedy recovery for Mayor Hopkins. We join him in that prayer. Rest well, Bruce. Your community loves and thanks you (and your wife) for your service - we want you back soon healthy and whole. Until then, rest well.

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Jim said...

This is sad. Very hard working, diligent, fair person who the Town of Ruston needs very badly. Swift recovery.