Friday, June 29, 2012

Council Meeting Notes: June 19, 2012

The meeting began at 7:03 pm with Councilmember Hedrick excused. The agenda was approved as presented.

Staff Reports
Police: Chief Kunkel reminded everyone that the Taste of Tacoma was only a week away. He noted the anti-gang task force is setting up a command center at the event this year. They are planning for the worst but hoping for the best.

The department was able to surplus the old vehicles for $1,000 each in service credits. The chief’s conference went well. The department is going through use of force training. Councilmember Hunt was pleased with the service credit. Kunkel asked the council to waive all requirements for the kids 4th of July parade – which they did immediately with a 4-0 vote.

Fire: Chief Torbet said there were 2 medical aid calls last month. The department continues with their on-going weekly training.

Public Comment
I asked for the date that the notice was published about the change to a code city. There was no response from any of the town officials.

  1. Ordinance 1353 – PSE Franchise (2nd Reading): Passed 4-0 with no discussion.
  2. Ordinance 1377 – Amendment of RMC 1.04.012 (2nd Reading): Passed 4-0 with no discussion - changes the process for how building permits are reported to the county.
  3. Ordinance 1378 – Amend Chapter 5.10 of Ruston Municipal Code (1st Reading): This measure removes the rental requirements for the town’s facilities from the code and puts it into a resolution format. That way changes can be made without having to do a second reading. Councilmember Judd wanted to give the mayor authority to waive the insurance requirements along with all the other rental fees and other requirements. That piece will be addressed with the upcoming resolution. Councilmember Hardin confirmed there is one event scheduled soon that requires action on this issue tonight (Summer, Wine & Chairs). The council voted to waive the requirement for a second reading and passed the ordinance 4-0.
  4. Resolution 513 – Adopt Guidelines For Use of Town Facilities: The resolution was amended to allow the mayor to also waive the insurance requirements if he chooses. Hardin asked if that also applied to the insurance and other special requirements if alcohol is served. It was decided those requirements for serving alcohol could not be waived. Hardin said he would vote in favor of the measure but wanted the town attorney to fully vet the liability issues for them. Passed 4-0.
  5. Resolution 511 – Appointing Planning Commissioner: Mike Wagner was appointed to a 6 year term, replacing Collette Judd. The mayor introduced Mr. Wagner, who was at the meeting. He is a 14-year veteran of the Seattle Fire Department. Wagner stated he wanted to get involved and contribute. This seemed like good way to do that. The resolution passed 4-0.
  6. Resolution 512 – City of Camas Garbage Truck: Hunt wanted to know how this purchase would be handled in the budget. Mayor Hopkins said a budget amendment for this and other issues would be presented soon. He reminded the council that this means garbage collection will only need one person. There will still be an additional $45,000 purchase coming for the cans. The purchases will be funded from the surplus property fund and repaid over a 3 year period. No rate increase is needed. He confirmed that Camas will hold the bid for them and they can purchase the truck and cans in the next 3 to 4 weeks. His goal is to get everyone trained and the new truck running by September 1st. He plans on using the second garbage collector for other duties. Hardin confirmed the funds are strong enough to absorb the loans/expenditures and that the loan did not need to be approved before authorizing the purchase. Hunt was glad to hear no rate increase was needed since sewer rates had to be raised soon. The resolution passed 4-0.

Claims and Payroll passed 4-0 with no discussion.

Mayor’s Time
Hopkins announced that paving for the sewer project should start June 26th, focused on the streets first and then the alleys. The contractor does not plan on paving the Friday of the Taste. The savings from not doing the temporary patches will be used to pave more area on the streets.

Point Ruston expects to have the street lights installed and energized by the end of June. Hopkins confirmed with the council that when the town engineer signs off on the final punch list the town will allow the road to reopen without waiting for formal approval from the council. Hunt was ok with this as long as Point Ruston did not ask for additional concessions like the right of way they want donated. The mayor will have the attorney look at that issue. He stood by his decision to keep the road closed until the lights were functioning; he felt it was a public safety issue. Hardin wanted to know what was on the punch list and if there was money in reserve for warrante issues. The mayor acknowledged that the wording on bonding and warrante still needed to be worked out. Hardin encouraged the town to release as much information as possible so that no one would “post things” holding the town responsible for keeping the road closed longer than necessary.

The mayor stated the budget was on track for the year. The clerk-treasurer is doing a great job spreading out costs over all the funds. He reminded the council that the AWC conference was this coming week and the town would lose a grant if no one attended. No one volunteered. There is a new USDA loan for $7 million available at a lower interest rate than what the town is getting on their sewer loan. The mayor joked about getting that loan to repay the current loan to get the lower interest rate. The town will quickly have to figure out how to fund the repayment of this loan.

Council Time
Hunt thanked the mayor for doing such a fine job and encouraged him to run for president so he could fix the budget.

Hardin said he was excited and overwhelmed with the amount of work the mayor, his wife and the clerk do for the town.

Kristovich asked for clarification on the extra paving planned with the sewer project. It was noted that all of 49th will be paved, half by Tacoma Water since they are replacing the water line in that area while the road was torn up.

Judd had no comment.

The meeting adjourned at 7:49 pm.

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