Monday, June 18, 2012

Street Lights Now Required Before Ruston Way Opens

Loren Cohen confirmed today that the jurisdictions will now require street lights to be installed and functioning before they will allow traffic to flow on the new Ruston Way connection. Tacoma had originally only required street stripping and sidewalk completion, but a rumor recently surfaced that Ruston would require the additional step of street lights before they would allow traffic along their section of road, citing safety concerns.

It appears that Tacoma has now joined forces with Ruston and the developer is scrambling to meet the new condition. There had been quiet hope that the road could open by this Friday, June 22nd. But since the new punch list includes street light installation, the opening date is pushed back until at least June 29th.

Cohen offers this encouragement; "Needless to say we’re hustling to get everything done, but we think this beautiful, new road will be worth the wait.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and look forward to celebrating the July 4th holiday with all of the Freedom Fair revelers along Ruston Way!" 


Carla Shaffer said...

The owner that purchased Ruston Inn is the same owner that purchased our lot across from our former business(Chevron-Shaffer's Auto.). It is going to be a Chinese restaurant. I heard that it is the owner that has the INDOCHINE up on Pearl Street

Anonymous said...

"...the opening date is pushed back until at least..."

Between the developer, Ruston and Tacoma, competence to get the job done appears lacking.

I wonder if we need to orgainize to put pressure on the public officials as well as the developer to get the public street reopened.

It seems that this closure could go on for a long time with no consequence for failure to open the public roadway.

Tacoma1 said...

I wonder, does anyone know if bicycles or pedestrians can get thru safely at this time?

Ruston Home said...

No, the road remains closed to everything, including pedestrians and other types vehicles.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how poorly communicated these changes are. You have plenty of people waiting patiently for this road to open and yet everytime I turn around, PointRuston has some new excuse why it won't open on the date they last promised.

No wonder the community is not being very welcoming when this organization doesn't seem to have the community's best interest in mind.

It just makes the whole thing seem shady and that's such a bad way to start your relationship with a community.



Jim said...

No wonder the community is not being very welcoming when this organization doesn't seem to have the community's best interest in mind.??????????

Ruston has been no growth anti business since 2006! They want a strictly bedroom community.

Fought delayed POINT RUSTON since it's inception. Also STACK HILL, THE COMMENCEMENT.

This latest salvo should come as no surprise.

Anonymous said...

this has gotten completly rediculas ! People drove along the rough winding obstructed road for 20 years with no lighting other than those inside the tunnel, and now they fear there will be problems driving on a new unobstructed widened and curbs and sidewalks on both sides, wow are you kidding me. Maybe we should hire more police so we can have an officer at each new roundabout to give the drivers traffic flow instructions for our safety for the next few years, Oh geeze, wish I hadn't said that, it will now become their next new excuse ! I said before, the Hwy 16 Nally Valley project has and is moving faster and they do it with traffic continuing to flow !!!!