Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ruston Council Ready To Change Town Form of Government Without A Vote This Time

After loosing an election on the issue in 2008 (story here), the Ruston Town Council appears set to give up its designation as a town without a public vote or even special notice to their citizens at their council meeting Tuesday night. Town Attorney Jennifer Robertson is recommending the council approve Resolution 509, which changes Ruston's designation as a 4th Class Town to a Code City. It sounds like citizens have 91 days to respond with a referendum to force an election. Resolutions such as this (as opposed to ordinances) do not require a first or second reading, so the council generally votes on them at the same time as they are discussed.

The memo from the attorney is available here, the outline of the options is available here, a PowerPoint presentation on the issue is available here and Resolution 509 is available here. The agenda for the full meeting is available here.

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