Saturday, June 30, 2012

First High-Rise Rescue For Ruston Fire

All's well that ends well... Ruston Fire Department performed their first high-rise rescue today at the Commencement building. As any building under construction, glitches come up and are fixed. Today's glitch was a stuck elevator on the 5th floor, with a person inside. Ruston Police were first on scene with the fire department close behind. Fire personnel had to improvise tools to get the doors open and soon had the trapped man out and on his way. The elevator repairman arrived shortly thereafter, and one can expect the elevators will run well from now on.

The Ruston Fire Department trains for many different kinds of emergencies, some of which are thankfully never needed. The department has been preparing for potential emergencies with a new, tall building in town. The department's new skills and training were put to good use today. And now the department knows what tools to order to have on hand just in case this ever happens again, rather than rely on the resourcefulness of our fire fighters! As someone said at the scene today, neighbors helping neighbors... such is life in Ruston on a busy weekend.

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