Friday, June 29, 2012

Many Roads In Ruston Still Closed

UPDATE: Saturday, June 28th, 2 pm:

Mayor Hopkins provided this explanation for the continued closure of the Baltimore Street connection: Baltimore Street is closed at 49th Street (local access only) because of the sewer project. Pt Ruston removed the fencing at the north end of Baltimore Street that allowed traffic to flow onto a closed roadway. This was a safety issue and that is why the town put the road blocks up.

Despite the announcement in the paper yesterday and the construction crews working overtime to complete the work today, the Baltimore Street connection remains closed tonight. Point Ruston confirmed they opened the road shortly after 4 pm when they had completed all the required work on the road, sidewalk and fencing. Town officials arrived shortly thereafter to shut down the road again. I have asked Ruston Mayor Bruce Hopkins to outline the reasons for the closure and will post his response as soon as he provides one.

Given the invasion of cars in Ruston this weekend due to the Taste of Tacoma at our doorstep, traffic flow is especially critical. This is compounded by the fact that N. Winnifred is completely shut down as of yesterday for repaving related to the sewer replacement project.

Despite these concerns, it was a huge step forward today to have the connection to Ruston Way finally opened and traffic flowing through town once again. Let the rebuilding continue!


Anonymous said...

How thoughtless..and what a disservice to the residents and our friends/families. One is tempted to scream "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" Thank you. Sherri Forch

Anonymous said...

So we should open a road that goes to nowhere ? Baltimore needs to remain closed until the street is safe and passabla. Off with his head...Really? People need to calm down a bit. In the next few weeks we will have a beautiful town for all to see. Relax and enjoy summer.

Beth T said...
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Anonymous said...

Feel free to express your opinion..............!!!?*&%$??
Whew, thats a load off :)

Ruston Home said...

For the comment posted on 12-8-13 regarding Mayor Hopkins. I need to verify your statement before I will post it. Please call me with details at 253-228-8529. Thanks.