Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Art In Ruston

This summer, Ruston welcomes more outdoor art to its streets. The popular Adirondack chair art project is back, planned to grace the Winnifred Street tree-lined boulevard in late July. And a new mural is planned for the recently renovated Ruston Apartment building soon. Chair event organizers released this statement recently:

There is to be a display and auction of decorated Adirondack Chairs again this year.  Chairs will be on display between July 20 and 28 during the day with a silent auction on July 28, 2012.  Funds from the 2010 display and auction provided some of the plantings in front of the Ruston Town Hall and Ruston school (2011), Christmas lights and decorations (2011), ceramic raku fish (made in 2011) to be installed at the PDZA aquarium at a future date, a tile mural which SAMI students are currently working on and various other plantings around the Town (2012).

The installation of a tile mural is planned for the brick wall on the signature corner at 51st and Pearl. The local students at the nearby Science And Math Institute (SAMI) have been working with Ruston artist Gina Kryger creating ceramic tiles for the new display. More details will follow on this exciting project.


Anonymous said...

The Ruston-Point Defiance Business District is very pleased to have sponsored the newly formed "Ruston Arts and Parks" as a tax deductable event. The RPDBD provide the "501 C-6" tax deductable avenue the project needed to promote our community and Business District for the betterment of all,through our affiliation with "Tacoma Neighborhoods Together".

We thank the participants of the
Ruston Arts and Parks in all of their efforts to promote the Town Of Ruston and our Ruston -Point Defiance Business District to make our community a better place to live.

Thank you all for your enthusiasam and love for our community!

Anonymous said...

Who are you and why would you even write that?