Monday, June 25, 2012

Turning The Corner

This may be the week things finally start to feel different around here. We start to put things back together, paving-wise at least.
  • The mayor announced at the last council meeting that the street re-paving for the sewer project is scheduled to start tomorrow, June 26th. With the savings achieved by not doing any temporary patching, the repair paving will cover more street. The plan is pave from the center line to the curb rather than just cover the trench. The streets will be re-paved first, then the alleys.
  • Ruston Way may be opened by Friday. The council approved the concept of allowing the road to open after the town engineer certifies the work is complete. The actual process of taking ownership of the road will take several more weeks, but the council agreed with the mayor to expedite the road opening once the "punch list" of final work items are done and approved. The mayor and Point Ruston say things should be done by the end of June.
  • Parking around the Ruston School will be challenging for a couple of months. Mayor Hopkins confirmed that the paving on the north lot should be completed by July 9th. Once that lot is done, work then begins on the south lot, lasting until sometime in August. The retaining wall and fence will be removed around the south lot as part of that project. The alley behind the school is scheduled for paving from August 9th to September 10th.
Here's to new roads, less dust and turning the corner without hitting another "road closed" sign!

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Anonymous said...

Will the school be for sale soon?