Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Town" of Ruston No More?

The Ruston Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to once again change the town to a code city. Citizens have 90 days after the announcement is published in the Tacoma Daily Index to file a petition to force a public vote. Councilmembers Hunt and Judd were excused from the meeting, so the vote was 3-0.

The town attorney provided extensive discussion supporting the change (here) and council members at the meeting stated they did not believe this was a change in the form of government since the format for the executive and legislative branches remained the same.  The council had the option of putting the issue out for a vote at the next election, but citing the cost for an election, chose to make the decision themselves.

It is unclear if there are any potential negative impacts from this change other than the nostalgia of losing the designation as a "town". I'll be doing more research on the issue and have further details in the coming days.   ~ Karen

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